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to the glenn beck program. i'm judge andrew napolitano. tonight, glen looks at the takeover of america and more. all week he has been closing the case on arguments he made last year. the first segment of last night's show was interrupted by breaking news out of the white house. we wanted to play it for you in the entirety. the last critical piece of the puzzle, you need to understand what is being done. why it's being done. and how they're doing it. ♪ ♪ >> i want to start with a personal note. hello, america. i don't know if i've ever told you why i believe some of the things that i do or how i began my journey into believing what i do. it's funny the uber left tries to discredit me calling me a conspiracy theorist, because i've always made fun of conspiracy people. sometimes there are conspiracies and sometimes it's plain out in the open and you have to be willing to look at it. conspiracies aren't conspiracies when they're true and open. we have been closing the case this week on all of the things that we talked about last year. because we have to move on. we can't still sit here and say
politicians in america there at that time. he knew i would be a political problem for them. he started making my life interesting. he was tickineting my car wherever i part. the attorney general investigated why the city police were tapping my office phones. it was a really frustrating time. i began to question why i got involved with government, why i even did this. i was doing a good job as a young attorney. i was thinking government was not the answer. this was a waste of my time. i was coming home that night. i was living in high-rise housing. the tenant president as i was walking home greeted me. she asked me what was wrong. i told her i did not have time, i just wanted to go home. she told me not to walk past year and to come give her a hug -- she told me not to walk past her and to give her a hug. [laughter] these are the times when you want to go home and go to bed. here i was hugging this woman. she asked me what was wrong. i was angry. i have vented on her a year of frustration. she is a woman of dignity. she is small but she is a figure you can look up to. she looked at me with her
an officer leaves his post unguard unguarded. and where america stands in the battle against obesity and what's being done to save our children. >> just what i used to look like and then what i look like now kind of upsets me. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening. everyone. the white house laid it all out today, just how u.s. intelligence failed to detect and stop that christmas day terror plot. and president obama addressed the nation to outline the steps he's taking to fix the system. the president took responsibility for the failure saying "the buck stops with me." but he also ordered intelligence agent agencies to assign clear lines of responsibility for following leads and sharing information. and he ordered improvements in the system for putting people on the no-fly list. chip reid is at the white house tonight and, chip, this review is really a stinging indictment of the intelligence community. >> reporter: it certainly is, katie. the report says that intelligence agencies kne
day, arrested thanks to a couple watching "america's most wanted." >> live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. time for a check of the morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> it looks like vacation is over out there. accident location at johnnycake and woodlawn. it is icy in that area, and that does involve a pedestrian struck. another one involving a pedestrian at orleans and lochwood avenue. " will place forming around the area at southbound 95, and southbound 795. normal delays on the outer loop. adelphi road and joppa farm road, and as of 9:00 a.m. this morning, curtis creek drop bridge will shut down due to road work. that is expected to be in place until february 12. watch for delays this morning as we get closer to 9:00 a.m.. not too bad on the west side. you are going to get a little bit heavier ones who get to the baltimore national pike. looking hectic here. white marsh to the beltway northeast. sandra has a check on the forecast. >> cluster yet again today. -- plus three yet again t
on the "cbs evening news," where america stands on a growing national epidemic-- the problem of obesity reaching the breaking point. >> couric: resolutions to lose some extra pounds are common this time of year and they couldn't come soon enough. as we begin this new decade, the country facing a dangerous weight problem. consider this: in the late 1970s, 15% of american adults were obese. by the early '90s, that number had jumped to 23% and most recently 35%. so how do we reduce our waistlines and return to a healthier state? seth doane traveled the nation to weigh what's being done about this growing crisis as cbs reports "where america stands." >> okay, three piece crispy and a diet pepsi. >> reporter: the evidence of an epidemic is everywhere. two-thirds-- 190 million americans-- are overweight or obese. if you had to grade the united states when it comes to obesity ... >> i'd give us an "f." >> reporter: a national report card no one is proud of. obesity-related diseases are a nearly $150 billion medical burden every year. >> we're going to end up as a nation of cardiac cripples. >>
. why is light versus dark still an issue? maybe the broader america doesn't understand lighter skinned black people were treated better because they were seen more proximate to the dominant white culture, given better privileges in slavery because they were produced by unions between white men and black women. there is a huge tension in the broader society. lighter skinned blacks are seen tore liked by whites. negro dialect, what does that mean? jesse jackson is one of the most eloquent men we know, so is al sharpton. they all ran for president of the united states of america. joe biden made the same comments. mr. obama needs to step up to the bully pulpit and not be loathe to deal with the issue of race and say this is a teachable moment. yes, we can can accept the apology of mr. reid. let's deal with light skinned versus dark skinned and teach america about some of these more vicious issues. otherwise they do look like hypocrites in my book. >> i heard so many people over the weekend say they were surprised by this but you cover the election, as did i. there were people who did not u
revelation of the identities of murder erred asians. where america stands on food safety. how do we stack up against other countries and how do we prevent the most vulnerable americans from becoming dangerously ill? >> it got worse and worse, and it felt like killer pain. >> glor: and dashboard distractions, will the next generation of in car gadgets lure drivers into taking their eyes off the road? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: good evening, the new year has been a cold year for most americans and this weekend is no exception. a deep-freeze is forecast to engulf virtually all of the continental united states overnight. the south is particularly ill prepared for such bone chilling weather. mark strassmann is in atlanta tonight. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, jeff. it was 12 degrees outside here first thing this morning, but with the windchill it felt like one degree above zero, very unsouthern but remember every state but hawaii has been experiencing freezing temperatures, it is just that some people feel it more than othe
here, it's not in my backyard type thing, it's i don't want these terrorists here anywhere in america and neither do the majority of the american people and to disdwight this or to say it's a jobs program is ridiculous. >> joe, what do you say to people who say, gitmo, as long as it exists, it's making the lives to become terrorists even longer. ice a bad poster for what america stands for. what's your answer to that? >> my answer to that is that where better than gitmo to put these terrorists? and to bring them to the united states is ridiculous. gitmo, the people there are trained to handle these situations. i talk to a gold star mother who visited gitmo. that plays is a professional, state of the art facility, and they are trained to deal with these terrorists, and that's where they belong. to bring them out to thompson, illinois, or to nips in america and have us learn how to do it, is ridiculous and it's -- go ahead. >> i was just going to say, are you going to go to the hearing today? can the average constituent in the state of illinois make any difference today by showing up at
, america. kate snow here. bill weir's on assignment. happy to have josh elliott, from our sister station, espn. >> it's great to be here. an honor and a pleasure to be here with all of you. it's saturday, january 9th. >> we have details on the court appearance of the accused christmas day bomber. >>> also, the overnight arrest after the security scare at newark airport. >>> but we also have information you are going to want if you're one of the many people who said they're going on a diet in 2010. >> indeed. a new study showing that low-calorie frozen meals contain 20% more calories than what's claimed on the label. and it's all perfectly legal. the same study also suggesting many popular chain restaurants are missing the mark with their calorie counts. what's a dieter to do? we're going to tell you. >>> and an inspirational story this morning about a champion ice skater. 13-year-old kendall hollinger has come face-to-face with death eight times because of food allergies. it's a problem that's so severe, she has to get her food through a feeding tube. how she has reached her dreams while
this on my facebook page, just search chuck roberts hln to bring it up. julie says, absolutely, america is the land of opportunity. that's why everyone wants to move here. if they have applied for legal status and meet all the requirements, why not? jeff said they should be able to enroll. once in class ins can find them, arrest them and deport them. deport them. we have patrick on a plane on the tarmac in jacksonville. is that right? patrick, can you hear me? all right. he's gone. i'm sorry. you have to shut that phone down when they tell you to. i understand. linda's on the line in maine. where are you on this, linda? what do you think? >> caller: it comes to the blien bottom line. they are breaking laws and getting benefits for it. i don't understand it. our kids don't get a lot of benefits they should. why should people be given special rights because they are here illegally? they are breaking the law. >> well, they are applying for status, paying the bills, paying their taxes, trying to be civically responsible. once they are citizen ises it's okay? >> if they became citizens i can
>>> good morning, america, on this thursday, january 7th. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. breaking news this morning. the president is set to release his findings today on the christmas day bombing attempt. his top security adviser says americans will be shocked by what they hear. as we learn this morning that federal agents knew that the bomber was on the plane. and they were set to meet him when he landed. >>> 180 million americans are in the cold. could you believe it's colder in texas than in antarctica? our sam champion is in the middle of the storm. >>> and where is baby gabriel. the search for this boy that's been missing for weeks. did his mother really give him to strangers? we'll speak with his father this morning. >>> and the billboard e white house wants taken down. why is this giant ad here in times square causing such is a stir? >>> it's great to be wh all of you this morning. welcome. as we said this afternoon, president obama will release that intelligence report, that says that u.s. officials actually knew that someone suspicious was on boa
, that is going to blow an enormous hole in this health care plan that already is blown a huge hole in america's wallet. that has to be filled. >> gregg: where are you going to get the money? >> you, me, all the viewers, we're going to have fill in that hole that they just punched and it's going to come in the form of taxes and fees and not to mention the sort of suppressed growth and things like that that people argue always come with higher taxes in the first place. >> gregg: if the bill passes, seniors are going to have to give up medicare benefits, doctors are going to have accept less money, hospitals will be a southbound more costs, non-union workers are going to pay more, but union members are the ones that get the big break. people aren't stupid. they are going recognize what is going on here. might this come back to haunt the president and democrats? >> -- oh, i think absolutely. americans hate unfairness. they just don't like it. one of the things that caused republicans to get thrown out of office was this feeling among voters that republicans were picking winners and losers. and wh
that they are trying to use the bully pull pit of america to force the other countries into forcing the airlines into having more enhanced screenings. the pilot authority, as you said, is going to be highly discretionary as to what goes on in the cabin. and of course, the obama administration must have known about all of these and they are trying to keep people calm. and then the response and what are you hearing, if anything, about the handling and the timing? >> look, these changes wouldn't have gone into ee fikt without the white house saying putting them in effect. this hases to do with security, no question about that they didn't react quick enough. at this point, i think we've seen the president come up, he's used very strong language. and mark and lynn, thank you very much. increasingly there is a concern for the united states and the west. >>> the u.s. government closed the embassy siting the possibility of terrorist violence. president obama is insistent for homeland security and counterterrorism. >> i spoke with the ambassador and both this morning as well as last night, there are indi
. that means full body patdowns and searches of carry-on luggage before boarding airlines for america, countries that are considered state sponsors of terrorism, as well as countries of interest. that's what we're talking about here, the the tsa announcing in a written statement, quote, the directive also increasings the use of enhanced screening technologies and random screening for passengers on u.s.-bound international flights. now, in countries where there is more advanced screening of equipment, passengers and passports from nations that are those state sponsors of terrorism or those countries of interest will go through the full body scanners that we have been hearing about, places like the u.k. and amsterdam. >> laura, what has been the reaction from security? experts, as well as civil rights groups, and i ask that because i do understand the american discrimination committee is already speaking out about this. >> that's right. and we're going to be hearing a lot more from them today as you can imagine, and as well as other civil rights groups. they are calling these measures e
. it will remain that we take revenge for his death inside and outside america. it is a trust for every person who left everything for the sake of god whom he supported. >> stus spekt appeared in strid oh with a new leader of the pakistani branch. the suspect is sack cuesed of blowing himself up at a cia base in afghanistan on december 30th. >>> you will be slifrg a while longer before warmer air brings relief from the bone-chilling temperatures we're seeing. the deadly winter freeze will keep a tight grip on many parts of the country this weekend. take a look at how treacherous icy roads got in the atlanta area causing many accidents. it is expected to dip in the 20s in the sooet. warnings are posted because windchills could drop as low as 25 below zero. at least nine deaths are blamed on the winter storm. >>> in central nebraska pretty rough. livestock farmers are battling against windchills of 30 below or more. struck to tractors are getting stuck. there is nowhere for the cattle to go. that means farmers must brave the cold to feed them so the animals will survive. >> we've been plowing out th
security measures facing every passenger flying to america from 14 high-risk nations, those nations are considered sponsors of terrorism or countries of interest by the transportation security administration. the new rules take effect this morning. our homeland security correspondent jean mene meserve live. >> reporter: all passengers on flights heading into the united states will be subject to random screening, and those flying in from certain countries will be required to go through enhanced screenings, such as full-body pat-downs, carry on bag searches, full body scanning and explosive detection swabs, this according to a new security directive issued by the transportation security administration, and now in effect. the countries include those that are officially listed by the state department as sponsoring terrorism, those are cuba, sudan, syria and iran. a list of another ten countries of interest was developed by the state department, department of homeland security, and intelligence agencies. it includes afghanistan, algeria, iraq, lebanon, libya, nigeria, pakistan, saudi ara
. >>> now with more on that god bless america, country first, let's roll, flag-pin wearing response response to detroit by the gop, ladies and gentlemen, here is the most dangerous woman in america, david letterman's special guest, rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, keith. i can't tell you, i mean it was flattering enough to be singled out by the tea party nation as their liberal troll number one. it is also flattering to hear you and richard speculate on my import to the tea party movement i have to say this is a very big day for me. >> you're a symbol. >> a snare drum at least. thank you. i appreciate it. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. big show tonight. tonight president obama's response to the underpants bomber and then the republicans' response to the president. there is some big strange, new news about uganda's kill the gays bill, which we've been covering for, i guess, months now. and the rachel maddow show for the first time ever will be dabbling in 3d tv this hour. we have got a very big show ahead, as i said. we begin with president o
california lawyer is refusing to pay his credit card bill and threatening to sue bank of america. that will explain more of the battle, lot of consumers may be able to relate to. >> stranded passengers at newark airport. find an interesting way to pass the time. just one of the stories today that will make you say no way. >>> welcome back. following breaking news outside of chicago. video coming in from our affiliate wmax of what is a downed cargo aircraft. according to the official at chicago executive airport whi i, a royal air cargo jet down south of the airport. it is believed that possibly the pilot was the only person onboard. we have not been able to get exact confirmation. some of the words coming out right now, this is a small wooded area or wooded area, i should say, near the airport with a small aircraft went down. it belongs to a company, according to their website, specialized in cargo as well as a charter service. executive charter service. and they are searching in and around this area now. you can see that aircraft, cargo plane, absolutely in pieces there. you can
headed for america. >> julie: ahead, more on the attempt connection to yemen and what that country is doing to hunt down extremists. plus, it was the year of bernie madoff. >> everybody in my life has been demolished. >> a loss of investor confidence. >> your warranty will be safe. it will be safer than it's ever been. >> julie: bail-out for the auto industry. tonight, some of the biggest financial stories of 2009 and their impact on the year ahead and your wallet. but we start with the latest from president obama, who for the very first time is directly linking al-qaeda to the failed christmas day attack on a u.s. airliner. in his weekly address, the president said it appears 23-year-old umar farouk abdulmutallab was trained and armed by an al-qaeda affiliate in yemen. abdulmutallab is now in federal custody as you know, after he boarded a northwest airline flight in amsterdam, armed with powerful explosives, capable of bringing the plane down, though they failed to ignite. president obama today promising to track down all those responsible for the plot and also defending his admi
-month manhunt ended thanks to a motel manager who was watching "america's most wanted." stephanie sy reports. >> reporter: after more than a month on the lam, paul her ring was arrested saturday night. the 35-year-old is accused of gunning down his twin cities, elderly aunt, and cousin's 6-year-old daughter on thanksgiving. >> i'm really happy that, you know, the monster's in a cane. >> reporter: after months of plastering florida neighborhoods with wanted posters, it was a few seconds on tv that led to the arrest. the owners of the motel saw his picture flash on-screen during a commercial for "america's most wanted." >> there was no doubt because we have a big-screen tv in the house. it just shocked him to the core and he came up front and he says, i can't believe this, but he's upstairs. >> reporter: it was the fourth time the story aired on the program. with an urgent plea from john walsh. >> few stories have made me as angry or as sad as our first case tonight. >> reporter: in 20 years, "america's most wanted" has helped to put more than 1,000 criminals behind bars. >> have you seen jayc
questions arising over whether america can end it by august. that story and a statistics out of iraq since the u.s. troops began fighting there more than six years ago. plus, elephant gone crazy, pilgrims at a religious ceremony running for their lives after one of the main participants runs amok. wait until you hear what startles him next. i keep track of my entire business on this spreadsheet... and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at intuit.com. >> a fokts news be-- a fox news weather alert. a winter storm has the nation in an icy grip and from the look of things not likely to go away soon. take a look the northeast and great lakes region are getting the worst of it. parts of young coul
>>> making news in america this morning. >> arctic invasion. in the north.d setting records windchills of negative 50. in the south a fifth freezing morning for florida. it may only get worse. >>> party shake-up. big changes are coming in the democratic party as more high-profile retirements are announced overnight. >>> phone wars. can google's new gadt take on apple's iphone? >> it's wednesday, january 6th, to 2010. >>> go >>> good morning and thanks for being with us. well, there is no letup to winter's grip on much of the country this morng, 32 states are under some sort of wter weather watch or warning right now. >> and that stretches from montana to miami. take a look at some of these overnight temperatures. negative 1 in minneapolis. 19 in tallahassee, which is colder than new york or washington. and it's a chilly 41 in south florida. >> viviana hurtado has more on the longest cold snap in a generation. >> reporter: snow, snow and more snow combined with windchill temps in the negative number, it's one of the most severe arctic blasts to wallop the nation in 25 years.
's interesting here is they're trying to use the bully pulpit of america to force these other countries and to force the airlines into having more enhanced screenings. the pilot authority, as you said, is still going to be highly discretionary as to what goes on in the cabin. what could be a potential loophole in these rules. if somebody from -- one of the rules covers somebody who is going to any of these suspect countries as well as if they carry a passport from that country. but it's only if they have flown to these countries. doesn't take in whether or not they may have traveled there by surface transportation. >> and of course, mark, the obama administration must have known about all of these changes and about what was to come here. at first they said they were just trying to keep people calm. and then the response ramped up after that. and all of these changes got into place. what are you hearing, if anything, from the administration about the handling of all of this and the timing? >> well, i mean, look, these changes wouldn't have gone into effect without the white house saying
in america, david letterman's special guest, rachel maddow. good evening, rachel. >> good evening, keith. i can't tell you, i mean it was flattering enough to be singled out by the tea party nation as their liberal troll number one. it is also flattering to hear you and richard speculate on my import to the tea party moment. a very big day for me. >> you're a symbol. >> a snare drum at least. thank you. appreciate it. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. big show tonight. tonight president obama's response to the underpants bomber and then the republicans' response to the president. there is strange new news about uganda's kill the gays bill which we've been covering for i guess months now and the rachel maddow show for the first time ever will be dabbling in 3-d tv. this hour we've got a very big show ahead as i say. we begin with president obama's much anticipated and ultimately much delayed speech today on the attempted terrorist attack on christmas day. mr. obama was originally scheduled to speak at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. late this morning that start time was pu
sisters, aunt and 6-year-old cousin on thanksgiving day, arrested thanks to a couple watching "america's most wanted." >>> time now is 7:26 on this january 4, 2010. in the news this morning, jim zorn has coached his last game with the redskins. a team source tells us he has been fired as the team's head coach less than a day after the skins finished a disappointin season. washington was 4 and 12 this season. he was the sixth red skins head coach under dan snyder who bought the team in 1999. >>> good morning, we have a blazing orange and somber lavender sun rise junds way. it's frigid from the low to mid 20s right now. high today only near freezing with a blustery wind, maybeear freezing this afternoon and early this evening. partly cloudy, blustery and cold tomorrow and wednesday. then maybe a little light snow on thursday and friday. >> 395 is jammed from an accident on the eastbound flee way down at the exit for the northbound third street tunnel. 270 packed in very, very tightly. the early morning accidents at the 270 southbound split is jammed. germantown solid all the way out of t
. creator and executive producer of "america's top model" and recently launched an online magazine called "tyra beauty inside and out." >> larry: are you looking to be oprah, is that it? >> if i tried, i would fail. >> larry: you're approaching it? >> she's like the god mama, there never has been and there never will be another. but looking to be her, no. i started as a model, so the path is quite different. >> larry: okay, you got it. >> but i mean, i bow down to her. >> larry: last time you were on, you were dealing with the f word, fat, unflattering tabloid photo of you and remember in the swimsuit? you have lost weight since then. do you think like a fat person? >> i don't, actually. you know, when i told the world to kiss my fat -- i can say ass, right? >> larry: yeah, you can. >> when i told people to kiss my fat ass, i remained that size for two years, i maintained it with my ice cream, and salad, ranch dressing, croutons, bacon bits. i didn't look at myself, even on television and think that i was too big, or it didn't connect. but since i have lost a lot of weight and it started
anything but to help protect america. >> by the way, this statement by brennaman is the very way this president leads. a number of times he has taken responsibility, said he is sorry, and moved on. and we've been often jarred by that. >> ironically, he will actually gain more political stature doing that, than by blaming george w. bush. it doesn't make a lot of sense, but at this point, when the white house blames george w. bush for anything, even if they have a good argument it makes them look small when they say, hey, the buck stops with me. doesn't it make the president seem more confident. it makes him seem like more of a leader. >> two quick things about that, joe. one a lot of people are sick about all of the references to the bush administration. it's over. it was a year ago. move on. that's in the rear view mirror. i was reminded about my conversation with a top-ranking national security official and it gets to the volume of threats. >> oh, yeah. >> i mean, just the sheer volume of threats that these people have to handle, administer and make decisions on each and every d
soul. it will remain that we take revenge for his death for america and outside america. it is a trust on every person who left everything for the sake of god that he supported. >> you heard him refer to a couple of times, the head of the taliban that was killed last summer in an attack. a drone attack. now, we're going to have a live report from our senior international reporter nic robertson on this. and he is a couple minutes away. >>> well, the young man authorities say tried to blow up a northwest airlines plane on christmas day says he is not guilty. umar farouk abdulmutallab is accused of trying to blow up a plane in detroit. >> the 23-year-old new york jig faces federal charges. more on the suspect's brief court aappearance. >> arriving at federal court, abdulmutallab walked into the courtroom slowly and with apparent difficulty. the alleged christmas day suicide bomber having suffered second and third-degree lap burns after detonating explosives hidden in his underwear. standing borrow the judge, his feet were shackled, his white t-shirt and khaki pants too big for his thin fr
tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities and people all across america. >> commerce secretary heads up the agency that is supposed to count every single person in america. >> voter or not, registered as a voter or not and weather they are a natural citizen. >> reporter: they are spending to get people to fill out this census form. at stake? power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on the amounts. >> this is money for schools and human services and medical services as well as transportation. >> reporter: things got so contentious during the 2000 count, some were sued. the supreme court ruled utah could not count missionaries serving overseas. >> who knows what that would have meant as far as dollars and cents and programs, and to have one more person in the congress working on behalf of utah does make a difference. >> reporter: this time around utah is likely to get that seat. some are expected to gain one big seat. texas could gain as many as four. ten states, most located i
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year when he said this to the president -- >> this is america. how many of you people want to pay for your neighbor's mortgage that has an extra bathroom and can't pay their bills? raise their hand. president obama, are you listening? we're thiffing having a chicago tea party in july. all you capitalists that want to show up to lake michigan, i'm going to start organizing. if you read our founding fathers, people like benjamin franklin and jefferson, what we're doing in this country now is making them roll over in their graves. >> i want to know who's got kids here. ok, about half of you. aren't you afraid for your children? >> very much so. >> aren't you afraid that they won't be able to afford what you're taxing them? >> plus being i'm afraid that i won't be able to have my money to help raise them rell. >> i would like my own money to pay for my own chilled's education, not somebody else's child. sean: some people this i that it's selfish. what about the people who are hurting out there? >> if health care is going to cost us $1 trillion, what's going to be left for health care
. >> john, you're making fun of me. this will show how america has changed -- >> all those forms? >> no, it's ten little questions. there are forms in spanish and also vietnamese. it tries to count every single person in america, and john mk -- there is money and power at stake. >> not a broadway show, but a national tour sponsored by the u.s. government to get america ready for the 2010 census. >> it will have enormous impact on communities all across america. >> gary locke heads up the agency that's supposed to count every single person in america. >> it's the responsibility of every single person in america, whether they're registered as a voter or not, or even whether or not they're a national u.s. citizen. >> the government is spending more than $340 million, including a massive ad campaign in 28 languages to get people to fill out this census form. at stake, power and money. congressional seats are doled out depending on a state's population, and so is $4 billion in federal funding. >> if you want your fair share, be counted, because this is money for schools, human services, for medi
and report it later here on "america's newsroom". jamie: as you probably know the so-called under aware bomber came to the u.s. from yemen, but the reaction in airports seems mixed. some countries like england are stepping up security with plans to install full-body scanners but others, they're resisting the call for greater scrutiny of passengers on u.s.-bound flights. live in the london newsroom with more, brit, good to see you, how are the airports over there responding and what influence would the u.s. have since these flights are u.s.-bound? >> jamie, the good news first, and we're seeing a pretty fast response from at least some countries on this side of the pond concerning the new security measures that are being asked of them. let's start with amsterdam, that's holland, that is the airport through which abdulmutallab transited when he was heading to detroit. he in fact did not go through a full body scanner there, although there were 15 in place. i talked to officials there, they tell me they were being used on a trial or voluntary basis and also on european flights but within t
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in america who need a little help. >> reporter: but she waited precious months before calling. >> i was so convinced there's no way somebody's going to give you medicine for free without a gimmick. >> reporter: they did. within days. it's called the partnership for prescription assistance. pharmaceutical companies provide assistance to those who make too little money more medical insurance. typically an individual making $21,000 a year or a family of four living on $44,000 would qualify. there's no time limit, as long as your income remains tight, the free meds keep coming. >> as long as you qualify from an income standpoint and as long as you're uninsured, you can continue to receive your medicines indefinitely. >> some of the free medicines come right to shirley's house in the mail. others she picked up at the doctors office. thanks to $1500 worth of free drugs every month, shirley is doing well. she's thriving, instead of dying. >> she's empowered by all this. >> reporter: the woman who was so skeptical when she saw these commercials has now taped a commercial of her own to let other pe
america whether this passes or not, who will suffer because of the arrogance of this administration and the arrogance of the leadership in congress which is saying you are too stupid, too unimportant, you are not part of this process we are going if get it done, like it or not. >> greta: in november okay, people go out and vote and they can vote him out of office. bottom line we will have this health care law and we don't noah it is, whether there is a public option, no public option. we can punish people later but the problem is once it goes into effect if we have no input as it happens, then it is profoundly, you know a terrible thing to inflict upon the american people. >> exactly. there will be special provisions put in. >> greta: let's see it. >> harry reid, he has to put junk in there. >> greta: so be it, let us see it! >> i know i'm not defending him. i'm saying this is why they ought to be more transparent. the american people are going to take whatever is in there and assume it is worse. this bill has got -- it's bad. let's face it. it doesn't do any of the things that it s
and present danger to america, one that's now very much on the radar screen. >> major garrett with the facts and figures. thank you. now to the yemen connection and new concerns tonight about the terror threat inside that country. the suspect in this case reportedly admitted that he did, in fact, train with religious extremist in yemen. and the sight of the 2000 bombing of the uss cole. now there is word that security forces in yemen are looking for a number of suspected terrorists. suspected terrorists who are believed to have entered that country in the past few days and counterterrorism teams are especially concern about one teenage boy who is believed to have been recruited as a suicide bomber. our contributor and journalist judith miller reports the information comes from a number of captured terror suspects. >> more than one of them spoke of a 16-year-old who has been recruited and trained by al-qaeda who was being sent to aidan to scope out one of five preselected foreign targets. >> so as investigators look into that, questions are being raised about what's happening in yemen. our te
. they found 12 firearms found at checkpoints across america's airports, 24 incidents involving a checkpoint closure, a terminal evacuation or a sterile area breach. that might have been related to what happened in newark, new jersey on sunday might, when hours -- well i guess the delays went on for hours at newark sunday night after somebody went down the wrong day -- way, and that person was checked out, and they screened all the passengers, which delayed the flights for hours sunday night, and four artfully conceived prohibited items found at checkpoints. that's what the tsa is logging over a seven-day period. wanted to pass that along to you, from the website, tsa.com. patti ann: high society heiress and among other things, casey johnson is dead, her body was found at her los angeles home yesterday but the celebrity website tmz reports that johnson may have been dead for several days. the 30-year-old was the daughter of new york jets owner woody johnson and the great granddaughter of the founder of johnson & johnson. bob decastro of fox affiliate kt tv joins nous front of the home of cas
continues her week of reporting from yemen coming up on "good morning america" and later tonight on "world news with diane sawyer." >>> thfederal aviation administration says it's investigating american airlines. the faa said the carrier had three botched landings just last month. that includes the accident in kingston, jamaica, where the jet overshot the runway in a rainstorm. investigators are also looking into incidents in charlotte and austin where airplane wing tips actually touched the ground during landings. >>> when the leader of a california mega church discovered christmas donations fell very short he made a plea asking for nearly $1 million to keep saddleback church running. evangelical minister rick warren's prayer was answered in a big way. laura marquez reports. >> we met our goal, folks. we met our goal. >> reporter: their goal, and then some. $2.4 million raised in just a few days after pastor rick warren made an unusual plea on the saddleback church website. last week, warren posted a letter saying they were on target for the year. then this last weekend, the bottom droppe
: will is be fleshed out who america's number one spy master is? is it blair or is it paneta? will thi they profile. they have to profile when all these guys come from the same part of the world. why frisk some 90-year-old lady. >> brian: why frisk gretchen carlson's son. >> many saying now that they shifted from the 12 countries to do the patdowns that is already violating people's rights. really? because if profiling had been going on this guy would have never been allowed on this plane. will we move forward as newt gingrich proposed and profile people who get on our airplanes or will we not? >> steve: i would say no and i tell you why from the administration today because as a u.s. senator barack obama sponsored legislation to end racial and ethic and religion profiling. stand by for that. we talked about how did this guy get through. remember, in november this guy's dad went to the u.s. embassy in nigeria and said my kid has been radicalized, there he is right there in his mugshot, and i think he might try something crazy. so they put him on a watch list. kind of a broad watch list. why wasn't
to the ted taliban leader, the jordanian tells other jihadists it's their duties to go after america hardest. >> this attack will be the first of the operation, against their team, afghanistan and pakistan border. >> washington post reports before the blast the vehicle sped through the check point on base and when he stepped out to be checked by security guards he quickly detonated the bond sending steel pelts ripping through him and more than a dozen people near him. an anonymous former official calls meeting an asset like that a bad trade craft. leon panetta lashed out at critics who say those who lost their lives somehow brought it on themselves. panetta writes in the past year we have a done exceptionally heavy damage to al-qaeda and its associates, that's why the extremists hit back. and the father blames america for turning the wife into a widow and sons into orphans. >> brian: caroline shively, thank you very much. between the fort hood shootings and the christmas bomb incident in detroit washington d.c. has a lot on its mind when it comes to national security. malini wilkes with the
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of bin laden. what you need to know about the new face of terror in america. and then we have this for you, a couple guys goofing around on a train platform, one of them falls onto the tracks. his friends desperately -- there you see him going down onto the tracks, trying to get him before the train pulls away. this whole drama is next. trace: back live in the newsroom, it's the bottom of the hour. we are brand new information, now, on three big stories. new information on the homicide bomber who killed seven cia agents in afghanistan. katherine herd with the latest on that. >> we're learning more about the alleged bomber from his writings on the internet from the wed magazine that suicide attacks are justified because of the west, he says, and support of attacks in pakistan. the man who identifies himself as the father of two young girls claims there is no higher call canning than to die for his religion. this interview is cleary for propaganda -- clearly for prop propaganda purposes. i'll have more about that investigation at the top of the hour, trace. trace: katherine, tha
, the suspect is captured thanks to america's most wanted. we're live with that story next. >>> also straight ahead, why the new year is bringing a lot of new delays for metro riders. we'll share the details of how your commute might be impacted. >>> still more to come on our top story, the reported firing of redskins coach jim zorn. our coverage continues whether we check in with dave ross who is in san diego for the final game of the skins' season. does your phone surf the web ? does your phone surf the web with the speed and power of a pro surfer at pipeline ? does it bring you the web in all its glory... ...in all its intended pixels... allowing you to reach the farthest expanses of its universe, deepest depths of its oceans without getting as much as a grain of sand in your shorts ? droid does. wave-shredding web speed. in a world of doesn't... right now buy a droid and get a droid eris free. in a world of doesn't... ♪ doctor says i have to lower my cholesterol. here you go, mr. noran. thanks. [ female announcer ] trying to lower your cholesterol can be a challenge. but with the help o
that the squeaky wheel usually does get the oil and maybe bank of america will not want to drag this to court and will just, you know, shut you up and comply, if it does go to court, is unfair a legal argument on your part? >> well, you know, there's a lot of legal arguments and certainly b of a is prepared for litigation of this nature. at the end of the day, the legal system is composed of people, judges, juries, and if they don't have a good enough explanation, there's always a legal avenue to find a way to seek justice. >> do you think maybe you're being idealistic? >> i would hate to think i'm ever being anything but. >> that's a great answer. but you understand that there are possible likely consequences. if you don't pay your bills, this will affect your credit, legal expenses although you'll probably represent yourself, will it be worth all of the risks? >> i represent consumers regularly and i'm used to fighting underdog cases. it's part of my job. this is really not a big deal in terms of taking an underdog case. >> all right. ben pavone, good luck. keep us posted. >> thanks a lot.
, a major step forward for america. let's make sure the health care bill is as strong as possible. under the house plan, we'll be offered good coverage at work. and we won't pay a tax on our health benefits. if you're self-employed or between jobs, you'll be able to afford insurance. and you can keep the benefits you have now. we're at the finish line, tell the president and congress, choose wisely, get it right for us. bull market or bear, traders are always hungry for ideas. trading's all about strategy. and strategy... is all about information. heat mapping shows me where the money's moving. twenty-five hundred stocks... one quick glance. that's where the action is. look at this, pattern matcher. pattern matcher spots technical patterns automatically. it's like pattern radar. td ameritrade. built by traders, for traders. this is what i need. announcer: trade commission free for 30 days, plus get 100 dollars cash, when you open an account. >>> we are at war. president obama said it plainly today in a speech that began with the mea culpa, seg wayed into a prescription for fixing the pro
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